Dr. George Byrnes

Dr. George Byrnes graduated from the Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, and then became a board certified Chiropractor with a specialty in Applied Kinesiology and Functional Medicine. He started his private practice in 1998 and very quickly established a thriving family Holistic Wellness Clinic, built purely on a referral basis through word of mouth. He established a reputation for solving challenging chronic health problems from allergies, digestive disorders, seizures, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as chronic pain, to name but a few.

He believes in a wellness approach to health. What’s the main difference between holistic wellness care and standard western medicine? A holistic wellness approach looks at the underlying causes of discomfort or disease, and then helps the body to heal itself; through physical adjustment, lifestyle adjustment, emotional/psychological adjustment or a combination of all three. A shift then begins to occur in the body’s ability to correct itself. Wellness care seeks to turn on the natural healing ability, not by drugs and/or surgery (which is all western medicine has to offer), but instead by removing anything that might interfere with normal function, (ie toxicity, negative belief systems, poor neurological function) allowing the innate expression of the full human potential.

Dr Byrnes office is a Creating Wellness Center, which is a complete system of helping people achieve their health goals though chiropractic care, coaching, personal fitness instruction classes, dietary and customized nutrition specific for the patient’s metabolic body type. Our equipment utilizes state of the art technology in measuring human function through a variety of parameters such as heart rate variability, neurological stress scanning, body composition measurements, etc. What makes this system unique is that it tracks your progress in all dimensions of wellness. It truly is the only program of its kind, and thousands have already benefited tremendously.

Dr Byrnes believes if the body is working properly, it tends to heal effectively, no matter what the condition. When the body heals well and maintains itself well, then there is another level of health that goes beyond ‘asymptomatic’ or ‘pain free’, allowing a limitless opportunity for vitality, vibrant health, and an enhanced experience of life.

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